Tago AI Development Service


Artificial Intelligence is a very broad definition and cannot really be reduced to two words, yet, for the reason there are many Artificial Intelligence approaches, we will make some order and propose two main approaches to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world.

One approache is to give a machine the abilities to present and act in intelligent behavior equivalent to that of a human, while some AI projects actually try to mimic human behavior.

Some other approaches are usually called Super / Strong / General AI, when here they try to achieve a better intellectual behavior than the cognitive realization of a human in many specific aspects.

Maybe it will surprise you, maybe not, but we at TagoTrader don't think a computer can imitate a person or an animal perfectly, and certainly not better than humans as many tend to think.

The other approach to the Artificial Intelligence world is usually called Weak AI or Narrow AI.

To date, the TagoTrader company developed artificial intelligence systems which are not "sentient" or "conscious" or "emotion like" driven.

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WE Specialized in developing systems to solve a specific real-time question or mission based solutions, using a specific database or other sources of dynamic information within a pre-defined ranges, rules & ideas, providing the ability to identify patterns, or any other goal, by a self-deep learning predictive software.

In conclusion, we can operate in all AI development approaches for your project.

It's now very clear that the age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us, computers now hear, see and speak, we invite you to use the artificial intelligence powers for your business needs with the TagoTrader's AI development services;