TagoTrader vision is to significantly improve your financial state whether or not you’ve got an experience in trading or you know nothing.

Our goal is to make you an independent professional day trader that invests only few minutes a day, enjoying a huge income that serve you as an extra income or as main income in what we believe is the best profession in the world.

Our commitment to you, is to make you an independent in 100% and to expose you only to profitable strategies, that have been tested on real trading accounts with real money for long period of time.

We test every strategy with very serious criteria and we are against every dependent service – no matter what kind.

TagoTrader founded on 2009 by Amir Arazi, Amir is a professional day trader in Futures, Currencies/FOREX, and Stocks, specialized in automatic strategies and semi-automatic strategies development.

Amir is the main educator and the CEO of TagoTrader. In addition to that, Amir is the owner of a business that all of its income is only from day trading the markets and to this day, this business experience has only produced positive annual statements.

With years of experience in day trading as a full time day trader, Amir is promising to expose his unique trading secrets throughout seminars that will take place on real-time market hours with one of the best trading platforms available.

TagoTrader has no competitors, among other things, for the following reasons:

  • Unique semi-automatic day trading strategies, that developed by a professional day trader that make a living out of these strategies.
  • Significant monthly income by investing less than 30 minutes a day.
  • Unique mathematical technical analysis – easy to use technique.
  • Makes you a 100% independent without any dependent services.

TagoTrader’s strategies, is working almost 100% independently, and tells the trader by audio, whether or not if there’s an opportunity in the market, enabling the trader to earn money without sitting in front of your monitors all day.

Usually, our strategy development is made on financial instruments that trade 24hrs a day. This way, the strategies are good for busy people that don’t have much time for trading or anything in their busy schedule.

We in TagoTrader know that most of you don’t have much time. In fact, we believe that the less you spend in front of your monitors – the more you will earn.

TagoTrader is the only company that offers a proven & profitable day trading strategies while teaching you how to use and trade them to fit your specific lifestyle.

contact us at: info@tagotrader.com