TAGO Proprietary Technologies


TagoDB is our flagship database technology, designed to handle large amounts of data in excess of terabytes with a very fast access rates, supporting data from multiple hybrid sources to provide high availability, without compromising system performance, software and hardware alike.

TagoDB ensures a database that can be counted on for massive amounts of data in various formats, providing projects the ability to manage high volume of mission-critical real-time data, with a very low latency regional outages.

TagoDB offers Object oriented, Hierarchical, Relational & Flat file based database capabilities all together, and capable of running on Linux, Windows, and some Unix based workstations.

TagoDB is using the Tago Real-Time Archive® technology.

Currently our in-house database is not offered for use in projects, but we can work with all the following database systems on your project: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Redis, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Hbase, Cassandra, Spark, Solr, Lucene, ElasticSearch, MongoDB.

Tago Random®

Tago Random is an algorithm based technology that provides a solution for scenario-calculations that require true random data.

A more effective random calculation solution to replace the pseudo-randomness computers usually generate.

While the question of whether something can actually be random, is largely philosophical, we have invested a lot of time and attention to some random processes and found they are difficult to predict in one perspective, but in other perspectives they do have discoverable causes.

The Tago Random algorithm generates initial conditions to sensitive data, display certain biases, discover possible causes and arrange all in a database to provide better answers and results for specific tasks and goals.

Tago Position Matrix®

The Tago Position Matrix technology shows the state of the main interest between potential liquidity providers in relation to an open position in real time, including a unique visual display that can perform complex and effective calculations regarding the management of specific open position, according to requirements and definitions that have been entered in advance, using TagoRT codding syntax which is available through the Tago Framework.

Tago Virtual Exchange Simulator & Analyzer®

Tago Virtual Exchange Simulator & Analyzer is technology to simulate an exchange behavior by referring directly to an existing market situation, providing instructions regarding the direction of the market at any given moment.

We have implemented narrow artificial intelligence processes built to solve question received in real-time - Which gives this technology the abilities to provide a self-deep learning predictive solution for a wide range of both High and Low frequency capital management systems.

Tago Encrypt®

Tago Encrypt is cryptographic encryption system to protect software components in real time. This technology enable us to protect data that flows inside a software or between all parts of a Cross-Platform software, for both server and client side.

Perhaps 14 rounds/256bit encryption would be considered stronger, the cryptographic algorithms in the Tago Encrypt technology are in-house internal encryptions not known to any hacker, making the system even more powerful and secure in many cases.

When Tago Encrypt is embedded, it provides protection to the source code and also works against cyber-attacks from outside, without (relatively unobtrusively) slowing or disrupting the processes of the software or system which the technology is embedded on.

Tago Framework®

Tago Framework is a sophisticated work environment that was built in order to provide a professional working platform for capital and financial management systems or for one independent financial software.

Tago Framework is managed by TagoTrader's proprietary codding syntax called TagoRT, which works on the TagoTrader Framework only, allowing to give instructions that can be performed across an entire computer network including various different software's and Hybrid / Cross-Platform applications - all in accordance to predetermined instructions set into the entire system using the TagoRT codding syntax.

Using TagoRT codding commands, the system accepts and implements Big Data volume changes in real time (employing on-the-fly compilation technics) to make progress and provide many options for changes and real-time updates based on internal or external artificial intelligence systems.

Tago Real-Time Archive®

Tago Real-Time Archive is a technology designed to provide data compression and effective storage management, improving the efficiency and resources in a software or a database system in real-time.

Tago Real-Time Archive contains an automated file protection system that can operate in two opposite ways - compress then archive OR archive then compress - rescuing files or subsequent files from being damaged, on time, in real-time.